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15276) Elise Gingrich  Female
Greenville TX Location
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4-8-2014 08:24 Send E-mail

I USED to live in Washington State, lots of years ago, and I lived in a group care home, called The Resource Center, for TROUBLED TEENS. I think there MIGHT be another client, or staff, that has been contacting ME, from there. MAYBE it's a staff, or another client, contacting ME, from The Resource Center, Group Care Home, that ALSO USED to live there?? MAYBE?? eek! cool confused cool eek! Hello, BRIAN Cummings! Cummings, BRIAN Cummings! also: I don't NEED No CLOUD, to KEEP my JUNK around, ONLINE, because I type in EVERYTHING, directly, old school! like on a TYPE WRITTER, old school! everything I do, is done DIRECTLY! I never copy, anything, online. I type everything I do, out! VODKA, IN A DFW HOTEL......ME nut case cyber stalker, is Just Having A VODKA, IN A HOTEL, IN DFW.

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