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14765) Reno Zech  Male
Berlin, Germany Location
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4-2-2013 13:11 Send E-mail

(14765) Dear George,

at first I want to apologize for my English, that would be not so correctly.

Ok. The reason why I contact you is, that I have some vodka-mix-bottles.
So do you collect also this kind of Vodka? The picture shows what I mean. My question is: Do you want to have them?

Sorry I have not introduced myself: My name is Reno and I´m from Germany (Berlin). I have found you about google because I have searched for a vodka museum.

Long story short: If you are interested, sent me a message. Then we can speak about the shipping cost and some else.

I hope that my message isn´t a spam-mail for you.

Sincerely yours

Reno Zech

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