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14575) George Lisenko(Hard Rock Pins)  Male
Anaheim, CA Location
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1-27-2012 16:55 Send E-mail

(14575) Hard Rock Pin collection, sexy pins from all over the World! To the left Pins from around the World,in the Center all GIRL PINS and to the right all Guitar Pins.-U.S.A- Atlanta- Arizona- Baltimore- Chicago- Cleveland-Dallas- Denver- Detroit- Florida(Ft.Lauderdale, Hollywood Fl,Key West,Myrtle Beach,Orlando,Sunrise)- Hollywood-Hawaii(Honolulu,Kona,Maui) Houston- Indianapolis- La Jolla- Lake Tahoe- Las Angles- Las Vegas- Michigan-Memphis- Nashville- New Orleans- New Port Beach- New-York-Phoenix- Philadelphia- St. Louis-San Antonio TX.- San Diego-San Francisco-Sacramento- Washington D.C- Amsterdam- Argentina- Australia- Bali- Bahamas-Bahrain-Bangkok-Canada-(Montreal,Toronto,Vancouver)- Cayman Islands-Chez Republic Prague- Cairo- Dubai- England-Japan(Fukuoka,Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka,Poland, Tokyo, Yokohama)- Germany(Berlin, Munich)- Italy-Korea- Malta- Mexico- Pattaya- Peru-Philippines-Rio De Janero- Russia-San Juan-Scotland- Singapore-Spain(Barcelona,Madrid) Sweden -St.Tomas- So.Africa - and more! and I can always use a few more! razz (stick out tongue)

Keith Send E-mail 9-23-2017 16:49
wOw George! I am envious of your Hard Rock Pins collection of sexy girls. I started a similar collection through ebay, but I'll never catch up with yours. Is your collection for sale, per chance? Perty please?! Oh well, I had to ask.

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