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14477) ArturVladimirovich Hachaturjan  Male
Moscow, Russia Location
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11-9-2011 16:52 Send E-mail

(14477) Hi George!
I am very glad to our acquaintance and a meeting in Moscow and our visit to Ice Age Museum.
It is pleasant to me to hear that our meeting is the beginning of friendship and possibility to help each other in collection replenishment.
With a great interest looked on your site of a photo of a family. I understand as you you value memory of mum and the father, their destinies have closely intertwined during time of 2nd World war. And as I have understood you too was at war, after all photos Vietnam 1965-66 isn't simple so are placed on your site.
Small bottles I am fond of a collecting since 1992, that is almost 20 years.Yours faithfully, Arthur

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