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14356) Johnny Harris  Male
Lakewood Ca. Location
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5-7-2011 11:11

(14356) Hi George,This IS When America Was Great. We Were A Super Power; The Fashion, Music, Cars Were All Great. What Ever Happend To It? I'm 20 Years Old´╗┐ And This, Along With ELVIS, Darin, Drifters, Roy Orbison, And Jimmy Jones, Is What I Listen To. I Cant Stand The, For Lack Of A Better Word, Meaningless Shit They Play On The Radio Nowadays. I Swear I'm From The Wrong Generation. This IS When Music Was Music And Talent Was Actual Talent, I Miss It, And I Wasn't Even There. Just a Big Fan of the old days Regards Johnny P.S Love your Top 300 Picture smile

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