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14253) Becky Durango  Female
Southern Oregon Location
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8-21-2010 18:58 Send E-mail

(14253) Hello George. Wow your collection is amazing. Looking at all those bottles full made me thirsty! I am surprised you keep your collection full as what I've been reading says that is dangerous flammable but, you've obviously been doing what you do for a long time to have such an incredible collection.

I realize you are a Vodka man, but since you are a collector maybe you can help me? I have a couple of Bralatta decanters, I can send you a pic if you like, one is a jug and one is a mini. I have no idea what they are worth, or how I can find out... Very much appreciate your help. I live in southern Oregon, near Ashland, in the Rogue Valley.

I was touched by your pics and story of Vietnam. I honor your courage and service.
With Thanks Becky.....

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