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14227) Jerry Menzel  Male
Detroit Mi Location
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4-12-2010 17:08 Send E-mail

Hello George ,
This is Jerry , from Detroit Mi.
i am a collecter of those wonderful mini bottles , but it time to clean up my little world so that my kids wont have humble collection covers what ever tickled my fancy , i have started sorting out my 4000 + bottles and find i dont have a clue how to rid myself of them .
You seem to be quite organized and connected with these collectables so i ask you for some direction .
First i wonder if you might be looking for any particular vodkas , mine range from the 1920s to today and from anywhere in the world ?
and do you have any suggestions for contacting those who are looking for those one of a kind brands ,styles .
i hope i'm not intruding ,

Thanks for your time
you have a great looking site Jerry cool

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