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14184) David Smith  Male
New Zealand Location
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9-19-2009 08:46

Hi All,

About 700 photos have been added to Miniature Bottle Library in the past two months, taking the total to well over 12,000. Not bad for a start but still well short still of the estimated 30/50,000 total of figural bottles, including label variations.

If you have figurals in your collection that are not shown WE WANT THE PHOTOS! Any photo is better than none but please, if it is not obvious, let us know what company made the bottle. We also want better photos of many bottles - which ones should be obvious. We are happy to crop, re-size, rotate, enhance and generally format any photos you send us.

Miniature Bottle Library is a cooperative effort, the more collectors that help the more useful it becomes. If you have not had a look please take the time to do so, there is a link below.

David Smith

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