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14082) JIM ESPARZA (USMC)no.682  Male
Los Angeles, Calif Location
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12-21-2008 12:58 Send E-mail

(14082) Unbelievable, I saw your web site really great, this is going to sound weird but you were there when I was. Your pictures sure brought back memories. I was a 3.5 rocket launcher gunner bazooka, and 60mm mortar gunner. I was in operation blue Marlin, Starlight, Nevada, highland, Dagger Thrust, Indiana, Double Eagle, Oakland, Harvest Moon and guess what operation Utah. was in combat most of the time in 1964,65,66,67 total of 29 months in the jungles got wounded in 66 etc, overlapping years. Was in 2n bn 5th Marines Ist Marine Div, 3rd Bn 3rd mar 3rd Marine Div, 2nd bn Ist Mar 1st Marine Div, 2nd Bn 7th Mar 3rd Marine Div and 2nd Bn 27th Mar 5th Mar Div. Was stationed in Chi Lai, and attached to battalion recon with C.A.C combined action company with the arvin in Hue and Phu-Bai.

It's amazing, don't know if I knew you guys are ever came across your paths but so many pictures that I have seen seem to be so close to my experiences just different faces. Anyway my wife drinks Vodka and I drink Burbon. I will try to post some pictures next month after the holidays for your site. Thanks so much for allowing me into your past, really great. p.s. I also served in Camp Pendleton and went to the rifle ranch at camp Matthews , SEMPER FI Jim

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