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14039) George  Male
CHICAGO (now Calif.) Location
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11-26-2008 19:37

(14039) There are many Hot Dog stands that sell Vienna Hot Dogs, but when it comes to Taste there are only 2. Here are a few pictures of the country's best 2 Hot Dog Stands (Red Hots). Found only in Chicago,No.1 Gene's and Jude's
2720 N. River Road ((River Grove, IL); 708-452-7634) TASTE 5 Stars--Tied for no.1 Jimmy's Red Hots Grand and Pulaski,( 773-384-9513 )TASTE 5 Stars. Often a 30 minute wait or more to get your dogs...line is often 50 deep or more. Menu: hotdogs, fries, tamales...that is it...and NO ketchup!
Since the 1960's, it's been the same. That's going on 45 years now with no changes.
Someone who loves great food, Chicago, and hot dogs.
smile smile smile

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