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14035) Sgt. Jimmy Hudson(US Army)677  Male
Johnson City, Tn Location
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11-12-2008 17:51 Send E-mail

(14035) Nice site, Semper Fi,
Welcome home my friend.
I was in the Nam 68-69 with the 1/69th Armor out of Pleiku but was sent South to Phan Thiet to the 101st. Airborne. We had five tanks in the Rice holes and was a fixture at FireBase Sherry and Sandy.
We were 14 strong but had good fire power. our unit lost 6 men during that year. TET.
My brother served over four Tours in Nam. He was Navy and spent all his tours at Danang. A Supply guy. I thought he would apply for a home loan over there.LOL. I spent my R&R in Danang with him. That was in early 69. I didn't care much for the Navy. We (our Unit) did a lot of missions with the SEALS. Great people.Brother in Arms.
Sgt. Jimmy Hudson
Viet Nam 68/69

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