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14022) Lee A. Heilig  Male
Jacksonville Beach, Florida US Location
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10-31-2008 11:58 Send E-mail

(14022) Mad at hell at my so-called fellow countrymen. We are on the eve of electing one of THE worst, sorriest sacks of s**t ever to waste our oxygen to the highest office in the world -- that would be one Barack HUSSEIN Obama. It makes me want to barf -- and worse. Thank God for the USMC. At least we still have ONE institution in this greatest of nations that reveres the flag and will defend her with honor. For what it is worth from a civilian puke, please accept my sincerest gratitude and admiration for the men of the United States Marine Corps. As I fight to keep my pride in my beloved country, I look to the proud and unmatched history of the Corps for inspiration and strength. One day, with God's grace, we'll make America worthy of the Marine Corps again. Thank you.

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