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14004) Wayne Packen(USMC/Air Force)no.666  Male
Jersey City, New Jersey Location
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9-18-2008 13:16 Send E-mail

(14004) I was just looking at the pictures you have from Vietnam, and the ones of Okinawa hit home. My brother Bobby was a singer, and he would sing in clubs with a couple of other Marines on Okinawa. His name is Bobby Packen (My brother Bob Packen served with the 3rd Marines in Vietnam from 66 - 69. He received the Bronze Star, and 2 purple hearts.) Not that I expect you to have known him. I know there were a lot young Marines on the Island, but he was there in 65. Probably around the same time as you. I will send you some of the photos from his unit on Okinawa. I'm a Air Force Veteran

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