Pictures of Collectors March 2nd 2005
Pictures of collectors from around the world!

[ 132 pictures ]
Michael Kerstin Heine
"Michael Kerstin Heine"
Mike Nash
"Mike Nash"
Micheal & Kerstin Heine -Germany-
"Micheal & Kerstin Heine -Germany-"
Mitri Manneh -California USA-
"Mitri Manneh -California USA-"
Harland E. Johnson -USA-
"Harland E. Johnson -USA-"
Holger Buck -Germany-
"Holger Buck -Germany-"
Harry Goets
"Harry Goets"
Holm Hars 1 -Germany-
"Holm Hars 1 -Germany-"
Igor Geifman -Israel-
"Igor Geifman -Israel-"
Harry Kruger -Germany-
"Harry Kruger -Germany-"
Holm Hars -Germany-
"Holm Hars -Germany-"
Jim Duncan -USA-
"Jim Duncan -USA-"
Jose Fernando Saettone 3 -Peru-
"Jose Fernando Saettone 3 -Peru-"
Jim Crawford -USA-
"Jim Crawford -USA-"
Jose Fernando Saettone 2 -Peru-
"Jose Fernando Saettone 2 -Peru-"
Jose Fernando Saettone 1 -Peru-
"Jose Fernando Saettone 1 -Peru-"
Jose Fernando Saettone -Peru-
"Jose Fernando Saettone -Peru-"
Jose Fernando Escobar -Columbia-
"Jose Fernando Escobar -Columbia-"
David Fretwell -New Zealand-
"David Fretwell -New Zealand-"
Clifford Earl -USA-
"Clifford Earl -USA-"
Josie Hettel-McReynolds -USA-
"Josie Hettel-McReynolds -USA-"
Eric Hjersing -Norway- -
"Eric Hjersing -Norway- -"
David Smith -New Zealand-
"David Smith -New Zealand-"
David Spade -USA-
"David Spade -USA-"
Eduardo Quinones 1 -Chile-
"Eduardo Quinones 1 -Chile-"
Giuseppe Savoca1 -Italy-
"Giuseppe Savoca1 -Italy-"
Eduardo Quinones -Chile-
"Eduardo Quinones -Chile-"
Eduardo Zaror -Chile-
"Eduardo Zaror -Chile-"
Francelina de Pica -Columbia-
"Francelina de Pica -Columbia-"
Felipe Peri -Argentina-
"Felipe Peri -Argentina-"
Eric Linnell -Canada-
"Eric Linnell -Canada-"
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